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Dr Burzynski and The Cure for Cancer

Posted by easysavingmoneytips on October 24, 2011

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski a Houston Medical Doctor discovered a natural non-toxic cancer-fighting agent that has cured many cancers. The FDA National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Pharmaceutical Companies from 1983 – 1997 tried to charge Dr. Burzynski with Regulation Violations and to put him prison without success. Dr Burzynski discovery of Anteneoplastons that turns off the oncogenes the gene responsible for the spread of cancer and turns on the tumor suppressor the gene that helps fight and cure cancer. Some of the cancers Dr. Burzynski has successfully cured are brain cancer, breast cancer, non-hodgkins lymphoma, kidney cancer and lung cancer.

Why would the FDA, NCI and Pharmaceutical Companies want to stop Dr. Burzynski? His discovery would crush and even bankrupt the cancer treatment industries and all the industries involved with the treatment of cancer today’s. The cancer treatment industry is one of the most profitable industries in history and involves numerous professionals associated with the treatment of cancer. Everyone from radiation machines the Doctors, technologist, and/or professionals who run them, chemotherapy drugs and drug companies that make them, the Dr. who prescribe them and the surgeons who try to eradicate the tumors from the cancer patient’s body.

The FDA after many attempts and over $60 million of the taxpayer’s money spent to indict and incarcerate Dr. Burzynski for regulation violations dropped all charges. In 2009, the FDA allowed Dr Burzynski to conduct a phase III Clinical Trials that is they acknowledged that the Anteneoplastons deliver and effect. However while the FDA gives money to Pharmaceutical Companies for support of their clinical trials, Dr. Burzynski has not received any contributions from the FDA for his clinical trials.

There is more to this story of Dr. Burzynski discovery of a cure for many cancers, please see the video below for the complete story.


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