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Know The Truth About The Meat You Buy

Posted by easysavingmoneytips on August 6, 2011

March 2010 TV show Today Tonight, the truth about the meat we buy, are you really buying what is on the label? Is the meat you buy laced with the chemical, Transglutaminase, otherwise known as “meat glue”? Transglutaminase is made from a blood-clotting enzyme that is being used to “glue” small scraps of meat into what looks like prime cuts to sell for a high price. If you like your steaks rare, you have a greater risk of food poisoning from the 100’s of bacteria that could be in you rare steak when Transglutaminase is used. The questions you should be asking yourself are “Is Transglutaminase still being used today? and “Is Transglutaminase a risk to our health? There are mixed opinions about the safety of Transglutaminase, safe or not you should you be paying a high price for that piece of meat that looks like “prime cut meat” when it is really just scraps of meat glued together with Transglutaminase.

Do you know where your meat comes from and how fresh is it? MSNBC first reported “US Governments Dirty Little Secret about Meat”


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